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Exploring Nature
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Samantha Morse, PhD

Transformational Coaching 
Ascend in Bend LLC.


My PhD in English taught me the power of stories told by others.

My work with plant medicines taught me the power of stories we tell ourselves.

I have explored expanded states of consciousness through meditation, yoga, breathwork, and plants for over ten years. Through this work, I have overcome disordered eating and over-exercising by healing my relationship with food, exercise, and my body. I have also processed the trauma of losing my parents at a young age. 

Through professional training, personal experience, compassion, and intuition, I guide clients through their own journeys of healing and transformation. 

I am a certified Psychedelic Coach through Third Wave's Coaching Certification Program, a rigorous 6-month training program covering scientific, evidence-based approaches to transformational psychedelic use. I am also completing the 6-month Internal Family Systems Online Circle to become a certified IFS-informed practitioner. 


Through my network, I have access to medical and mental health professionals to better serve the needs of my clients. I am committed to Continuing Education and stay on top of the latest research and protocols related to plant medicines and behavioral change.


Andy S.


Andy S.

I've always been a reflective person, but Samantha provided the safe space for me to be truly vulnerable. Her questions got me to think more deeply about parts of myself I had never considered before. As a result, I feel a greater sense of purpose and peace in my life.

Cristina H.

I didn't realize microdosing -- something so small -- could have such a big effect on my life. But, I think a big part of that was my work with Samantha. Her deep listening, insightful questions, and loving support helped me get through some dark times. Through her microdosing coaching program, my mental health and productivity improved and I feel empowered to take on greater challenges in my life.

Jamie W.

I came to Samantha because I was struggling to be "perfect," which caused me a great deal of anxiety. Through her transformational coaching, I gained greater compassion for myself  and that has had a positive ripple effect in my life. Samantha really listens and makes you feel like nothing you say is crazy or wrong. Her support and guidance allowed me to start making positive changes in my life.

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